Best pizza in Sonora, CA.

Authentic Italian Pizza in Sonora, CA

Delicious Italian Pizza and More

Indulge in authentic Italian pizza. Try our classic Margherita or savor the flavorful Pepperoni. Our wood-fired oven ensures a crispy crust every time. Customize with fresh toppings like mushrooms or olives. Whether dining in or ordering takeout, our pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. Buon appetito!

Convenient Italian Takeout and Delivery Options

Convenient Italian Takeout and Delivery Options
Craving Italian? Order pizza for delivery or pickup. Enjoy classics like Margherita or try a flavorful Pepperoni. Our convenient options make it easy to enjoy your favorite Italian dishes at home. Whether you're in the mood for pasta or a hearty calzone, we've got you covered with quick and reliable service.

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